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Industrial Innovator’s Podcast Ep008: Weldless Connections (Quickflange) With Phil Paterson

This time on the Industrial Innovators Podcast, we’re talking with Phil Paterson, International Business Development Manager for ICR, about the development of their weldless connections solution, Quickflange.

As a global maintenance and integrity company for the oil and gas, power, chemical, nuclear, and defence sectors, ICR has a wealth of experience in reducing downtime through fast and effective repairs, and Quickflange is their latest product that delivers a lightweight, hand-applied, corrosion-resistant solution.

This technology is exclusive to Innovator in Canada, and in our conversation, we were able to go deep into the innovation behind the roll-out, the application it’s best suited to, and some of the unique benefits of this type of repair.

I really enjoyed the time with Phil and the insights he brings to the discussion.

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