Industrial Innovator’s Podcast Ep007: The Turnaround Optimizer Process With Don Cooper

Today on the Industrial Innovators Podcast, we have a special bonus episode as we talk about The Turnaround Optimizer Process and the book Don recently wrote about it.

Too often turnaround services run over budget, with inspection standards missed, paperwork not submitted, and hours of valuable personnel time wasted due to lack of preparation.

The Turnaround Optimizer Process helps streamline your planning, utilize the right equipment, correctly staff projects, all while improving safety and reducing labour costs.

At Innovator, we’ve had fantastic success sharing and implementing this process with companies over the last 25 years. It’s great to see the results they’ve had, and I’m excited to share the ideas with you in this episode.

If you are in the industrial turnaround space, this is one not to miss.

You can learn more and get your FREE copy of The Turnaround Optimizer Process here:

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