Forge Bonding

Perform Welding-Like Repairs Without Hot Work

Drive safety and cost-efficiency at your facility while saving on shut down costs by making repairs to above ground storage tanks, safety equipment such as guard rails or fire suppression, and much more with Forge Bonding.

Join the Forge Bonding community and you will discover:

  • How you can make repairs to above ground storage tanks while they’re in-service, eliminating time consuming shut down tasks like cleaning and degassing
  • How you can make repairs to the safety equipment in your facility outside of your turnaround, ensuring you don’t have to push off safety repairs that could compromise workers
  • How the minimal thermal energy required is well under the hot-work threshold, and how Forge Bonds are performed by a machine, generating very consistent results

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“Every challenge is accepted. We start with how, and then we find a way.”

-Don Cooper
Founder & CEO