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Composite Repair – Defined Life And Proper Installation

Composite Repair

Get the exact life you need of your next piping repair while avoiding shutting down and replacing any pipe at your facility.

Composite Repair is a fully engineered solution that lets you repair your damaged piping while giving you full control of what you want to achieve.

Sometimes you’ll want a near term solution so you can make it until your next turnaround where you plan to do your full overhaul. In other cases, you’ll want a much longer duration, even as long as 20 years.

Composite Repair provides those capabilities.

The materials required to make the repair are lightweight. But the quality of the repair isn’t.

Working with your Composite provider, you use the proper material combined with the right epoxy to get the desired duration you’re looking for.

Even though you’re not doing a costly piping replacement that comes with a shutdown, it doesn’t mean this option is less effective.


Composite Repair Competent Provider

It is true that there has been a somewhat rocky history around Composite Repair, due to its uncontrolled use and lack of competency. This shows itself in the fact that inexperienced operators aren’t using an engineered solution each time due to a false sense of security based on relying on a training class.

Every composite wrap that is applied should be designed for the specific application. There’s been a misconception that the engineering involved refers only to how many wraps you add. This isn’t true, as other factors such as surface preparation and temperature also play a big role.

With that being said, a proper composite professional takes years to develop.

There are hundreds of situations you can run into that composites can repair, and each one requires its own custom engineering to perform a successful job. Any operator new to the procedure should be paired with a veteran with tons of experience in Composite Repair procedures and applications.

Be sure you’re working with someone with a history of successful Composite Repairs.



When hiring for Composite Repair, there should be tons of back and forth between client and provider.

A red flag to watch out for is a provider that isn’t assessing every intricate detail of your situation and working with you to give you the ideal solution based on what you’re trying to achieve.

There’s no point in giving you 10 years of life when you only need 18 months to make it until your next turnaround. And it’s obviously a bad plan to do a quick patch when you’ve decided you want 20 years of life out or your fix.

And it is those details that all factor into the product that will be used to give you the defined life you’re looking for.

Whether it’s 2 years or 2 decades, composites can save you in a pinch and can also provide you a rock solid repair.

Composite Repair is a very flexible solution that lets you avoid shutting down while paying for exactly what you need based on the lifespan you’re looking for.

If being able to repair targeted areas without losing production while having full control over the repair duration sounds useful, then Composite Repair is for you.






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