What I’m saying to you is with QuickFlange, it’s consistent every single time. Our failure rate’s at 0. 02 percent over 10, 000 connectors. So you know, you work that out. That’s really not a lot of failures because what we do is we do an inspection process. Now, let me just cover that quickly because we didn’t talk about it earlier, but there’s two ways of inspecting in QuickFlange post installation.

Number one is a visual and number two is a hydro test. Now, the hydro test. A quickflange that’s going to leak, it’s going to leak at the hydro test. If it doesn’t leak at the hydro test, you have a permanent connection. It’s not going to leak, but that’s where we’d pick it up.

And we’ve managed to rectify a lot of installs at the hydro test if there’s been a leak. And generally, it’s because the technician hasn’t taken the pump to the right pressure. It’s a simple reinsertion of the tool, off you go.

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Innovator Quickflange

Replace your flanges and drive cost efficiency while improving safety by using a weldless connection technology that eliminates hot work and reduces installation time by up to 80%.

Quickflangeis a technology and product designed to save time and money in industrialpipe connection and flange applications. It offers several benefits that make it a cost-effective and efficient solution.

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