Composite Repair

Leveraging Composite can help you avoid interrupting operations for your next pipe repair.

Using lightweight materials, you can extend the life of your piping by up to 20 years, depending on what you’re looking for. You get the flexibility of paying for what you want based on what you want to achieve.

It’s called Composite Repair, and here’s a shortlist of what to expect when you join us:

  • Benefits including relatively quick repairs without hot work
  • Applications including corrosion repair and repairing of various structures such as decks
  • How it drives safety by eliminating risks to workers while being easy to use

You’ll learn exactly how to take advantage of this technology and prevent a potential shut down so that operations are not interrupted.

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Innovator Composite Pipe Repair

Extend the Life of Your Piping with Innovator Composite Pipe Repair.You may or may not already know that CompositeRepair can be used to repair wallloss, which helps to prevent an operating or system life failure. With Innovator’sComposite Repair solutions, specialists combine a variety of fiberglass or carbonfiber woven cloths with epoxy compounds. These are then wrapped around pipingdefects caused by external corrosion or internal erosion or corrosion. The goals ofcomposite repair are to stop the progress of defects and restore walls, allowingoperators to use systems to their maximum operating designs.

A Few Benefits to Using Technowrap

Wide-Range of Applications

High temp, low temp, pipes, leaks, welds, elbows, nozzles, and more can be repaired.

No Hot Work

Never any need for costly and time consuming hot work practices with composite repair.

No Unnecessary Downtime

Eliminate all the time and cost typically dedicated to cutting and welding and get back online faster.

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