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Webinar: API 653 New Repair Methods: Composite Repair – Highlight 2

In this API 653 webinar, hosted by Don Cooper of Innovator Industrial Services, new repair methods are explored, particularly focusing on the use of carbon fiber materials for above ground storage tanks. The process involves collaboration and approval from the API subcommittee, highlighting the integration of forge bonding and carbon fiber tank wrap techniques. These hybrid solutions address tensile strength challenges, offering optimal repair strategies that combine durability and innovation.

Hello, everyone, this is Don Cooper. I’m the CEO of innovator industrial services. And I’m your host today on this API 653 new repair methods webinar.  HJ3 started a process with API 653 Composite Repair. We propose the use of carbon fiber repair materials for above ground storage tanks. This process involves a letter ballot, the letter ballot was circulated amongst the s cast or subcommittee and above ground storage tank members. And everybody provided insight and input into the process for approving carbon fiber.  Some of the Fords bonding solutions that we have, can deal with some of the tensile strength limitations for some of those locations with carbon fiber. And what you’ll see as you work with us is we’ll be able to offer you hybrid solutions with tank rap and with forged bonding and a unique way to deal with some of those challenges. So we do have other solutions that can augment each other in terms of the most optimal solutions, whether that’s carbon fiber and tank wrap, or forge binding for some of those areas where there are tensile strength requirements.

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