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Tool #8 The HTT (Hub Test Tool) Plug

“Uncover the power of the HTT or Hub Test Tool in our video ‘Tool #8 The HTT (Hub Test Tool) Plug’. This custom tool, designed for localized hydro testing, is a game-changer when repairing or replacing hub connectors like Greylock or Secure Max connections. The HTT combines the hub clap with a test plug, offering a time-saving solution for your turnaround. This tool is a popular choice among clients transitioning from ring joint connections to Greylock or Secure Max hubs. Dive into the video and see how the HTT is revolutionizing hub testing.

HTT or Hub test tool is at the request of clients who have been moving away from ring joint connections and starting to install either Greylock hubs or secure Max hubs and this is a combination of the Hub clap with a test plug to be able to do localized hydro testing when you are repairing or replacing Hub connectors like the Greylock or the secure Max connections generally a custom order tool but of any size Hub connection that you use the Hub connector can save you time on a turnaround and it’s just another one of those tools that you have available in your test plug toolbox.

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