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Tool #17 – The High Pressure Pump Skid

Experience the future of hydro testing with Innovator Industrial Services’ revolutionary high-pressure pump skid. This self-contained powerhouse, equipped with a high flow filling pump system and a quick-switch manifold, can perform hydro tests up to 5,000 pounds with ease. Conveniently mounted on a trailer, it includes a four-cube storage tank for your test medium and features secondary containment for safety. Just hitch it to your truck and you’re ready to go! Watch the video to see this game-changing technology in action.

Hydro testing takes pressure and so part of your test plug toolbox needs to be the ability to quickly fill to bring your Hydra test up to high pressure. So what we’ve built here is a skid that has a high flow filling pump system and a manifold that allows you to quickly switch over to a high pressure pump system all of which is self-contained so that you can do up to five thousand pound Hydra tests in both filling and in building pressure up very very quickly. As you can see what we’ve done here for simple applications is we’ve just temporarily mounted it on a trailer and it has a four Cube storage tank for your test medium that is all plumbed into the pumping skid and it all has secondary containment and you can simply hitch it onto your truck and pull it into location with the testing medium whether that’s water or glycol and be able to fill the system and then be able to bring up the pressure significantly quicker than with a lot of handheld tools that you might be trying to piece together to do this Hydra test. We have about a dozen of these in our rental Fleet and they’re available for our clients to rent as they have system Hydro test scheduled in their projects.”
The video is about Innovator Industrial Services’ high pressure pump skid for hydro testing. It discusses how the skid, which includes a high flow filling pump system and a manifold, allows for quick filling and pressure building for hydro tests. The skid is self-contained and can be mounted on a trailer for easy transportation.

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