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Tool #13 – VRT – The Valve Removal Tool

Join us as we delve into the intricacies of various seal configurations and testing approaches. Witness the power of the Valve Removal Tool as it is launched through a special launching tube, creating a new isolation point on the downstream side of the valve.

This video isn’t just about introducing a new tool – it’s about rethinking our approach to isolation and testing in the 21st century. With the Valve Removal Tool, you’re not just improving efficiency; you’re also enhancing safety and saving resources. So why wait? Dive into the video and see how we’re revolutionizing the industry!

When you start to understand the different seal configurations and the different methods of being able to create and install a whole array of different isolation and testing approaches, then the imagination can take off. And here is an example of some great innovation in terms of using plug technology to accomplish something that no one had ever really considered. This is called the Valve Removal Tool, and it is a situation where you have a valve that is leaking or passing and needs to be changed out, but you cannot drain the upstream system. Now, the valve itself, we will often do some temporary leak repair to seal the valve, and then we can install this valve removal launching tube on the downstream side of the valve, allowing us to launch an isolation tool. In this case, it is a double inflatable for a low-pressure application, but any style of tool can be launched through the Valve Removal Tool from a low pressure, medium pressure, or even a high-pressure tool with grips can all be launched through the Valve Removal Tool, inserted upstream of the valve, locked into place, effectively creating a new isolation point, and then being able to enable you to remove and replace the valve in question. So this is the Valve Removal Tool. It’s just an example of what’s possible when you start to think about the different tool configurations and the sealing configurations that are possible with 21st-century isolation and testing technology.

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