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Tool #12 – NTT – The Nozzle Test Tool

Experience how the NTT – The Nozzle Test Tool uses a unique blend of compression and self-energization to test nozzles, eliminating the need for a full vessel hydro test. Each NTT is custom-built and validated through a mock-up that perfectly replicates the nozzle’s curvature, ensuring a precise fit and reliable results.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The mock-up also doubles as a protective storage device during transport, ensuring the tool’s longevity. With the NTT, you can be confident that the tool will perform flawlessly in the field, tailored to your specific application.

The NTT – The Nozzle Test Tool isn’t just a tool; it’s a productivity powerhouse. It offers significant cost and time savings over traditional full vessel hydro tests. Plus, each tool is designed and fabricated before the project begins and can be adapted to meet evolving client needs.

The NTT or nozzle test tool is a tool that we started designing about eight years ago specifically for clients who were making modifications and repairs to pressure vessel nozzles and we’re trying to avoid having to hydro test the entire pressure vessel. Some of these tools have been around for a while. There are a couple of things that are unique about the Innovator nozzle test tool. The first is that we are using that combination of compression and self-energization in the way that this tool works. We initially set the tool against the vessel wall and then as we increase hydrostatic pressure, the tool responds in kind.
Each tool is custom built for the nozzle specific to your application. The backing plate that you see is compressed up against an exact replica of the curvature of the nozzle in the pressure vessel. The entire tool as you see it on screen is a replica of the nozzle that we fabricate. This proves that the tool will work before we bring it to the field because our way of validating that with almost certainty that the tool will work in the field applications because we’ve replicated the field application conditions in the tool body itself.
The second thing that it does is the tool mock-up that you see and the tool is inside of the mock-up becomes its storage device. It protects the tool and it is a specific tool for your application so that we have certainty that when we go into the field and you are using this huge productivity and cost saving gain over a full vessel Hydra test that you have confidence that the test is going to be successful and that you’ll be able to do this productively, safely, and cost effectively.
That is the nozzle test tool. We have several dozen of these that we’ve built over the years and from time to time we are able to modify existing tools to meet new client needs but generally speaking with the nozzle test tool this is a scope bespoke custom built application for your specific nozzles. You want to give some lead time for design and fabricating and testing of the tool prior to your project.
Here you can see larger examples of the nozzle test tool in play and you can imagine how using a nozzle test tool would be a huge productivity and cost effectiveness approach compared to having to do a full pressure vessel Hydro test or pressure test depending on the test medium.

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