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The Real Cost of Hot Work EP 2

Unveil the shocking truth about the hidden expenses lurking behind hot work in “The Real Cost of Hot Work EP 2”! Delve into a captivating analysis of a typical flange replacement job as we dissect the costs into three crucial categories: direct costs totaling $7,000, pre-work costs ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, and often underestimated indirect costs encompassing risk identification, hazard assessments, meetings, and approvals. Don’t underestimate the real cost of hot work.

The real cost of hot work episode 2. One example of the real cost of hot work is:

Direct Cost: As an example, let’s take a typical flange replacement job. It takes about seven people, seventy person-hours at an average cost per person of one hundred dollars per hour, which comes to a total of seven thousand dollars plus E and M.

Pre-work Cost: As an example, you need will blanks and blinds, purging, lockout tag out, additional hot work training, hot work permit training, hot work permit meetings, and more. This could all total thousands or tens of thousands more than direct costs depending on the scope.

Indirect Cost: This includes identifying, planning, risk review, mitigation, hazard assessment meetings, to VP level approvals. This could lead to a total of hundreds of hours and times a multiple of the cost of field execution.

For safety cost, the risk and potential cost that comes with hot work. What ha ppens when hot work goes wrong? See next episode for a case study.

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