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The Real Cost of Hot Work Ep 1

Uncover the shocking truth about the hidden dangers and real costs of hot work in “The Real Cost of Hot Work” series. Join us as we explore the direct expenses of equipment and personnel, the importance of safety measures, and the often-overlooked indirect costs of planning and risk mitigation. Discover the risks associated with welding, torch cutting, and grinding, and gain valuable insights to protect lives and businesses.

The real cost of hot work episode 1. What is hot work? It’s the welding, it’s the torch cutting, it’s the grinding. What is the real cost? It’s the direct cost: the welders, Pipe Fitters, supervisor, fire watch, gas detection, and permits, additional safety teams. It’s the pre-work cost: blanks and blinds, purging, lockout/tag out, additional hot work training, hot work permit training. It’s the indirect cost: planning, risk mitigation, approvals, approvals rejections. It’s the safety cost: the risk and potential cost that comes with it. What happens when hot work goes wrong? On the next episode, we will give you some examples of direct cost, pre-work cost, indirect cost, and safety cost. Please Subscribe, like, and share.

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