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The innovation mindset The Inventor Thomas Edison?

Unveil the truth behind Thomas Edison’s light bulb legacy in our captivating video, “The Innovation Mindset – The Inventor Thomas Edison?” Contrary to popular belief, Edison didn’t invent the light bulb; he acquired a carbonized filament patent from inventor Woodward and assembled a remarkable team of engineers. Within a year, their collaboration led to a groundbreaking light bulb that could illuminate for hours. Discover the untold story of Edison’s ingenuity, as we unravel the mysteries of the innovation mindset and showcase his remarkable journey.

Thomas Edison was not the inventor of the light bulb he innovated the light bulb there was already some version of the light bulb. Thomas Edison was more of an innovator than an inventor of the light bulb. Around 1879, Thomas Edison bought the patent of a carbonized filament from a Canadian inventor named Woodward. Thomas Edison then sold one of his inventions which enabled him to employ a team of Engineers, inventors, etc. About a year later, they came out with a light bulb that could last hours. Thomas Edison innovated the light bulb.

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