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Technical Bolting | What Does Innovator Recommend for Software Solutions?

Unlock the power of leak-free bolting with our captivating video, “Technical Bolting | What Does Innovator Recommend for Software Solutions?” Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the critical role of a cutting-edge flange management software system in preventing leaks and revolutionizing your bolting practices. Discover the secrets behind successful bolting management as our expert speaker unveils the key features your software solution should possess. From tracking specifications to creating unique identifiers for each flange component, this software empowers you to take control of your operations like never before.

Well, my recommendation is that you have a flange management software system that tracks your specifications, that creates individual identifications for every single one of your physical flange components, and then has the ability to track all of the assembly and disassembly, all the inspections, all the repairs, all the flatness checks, and all the ultrasonic reports for each of those assemblies. So that you can create this history and you have total transparency on what’s happening. So that you have a software platform that is the tool that manages that entire process.

And when you do all of those things where you set the specifications and you set the criteria for inspection and you train your inspectors, you set the criteria for the competency of your bolting personnel, and then you do zero flatness checks on all those components, and you have a solid platform for measuring all of those activities, that’s how you get leak-free bolting.

And it isn’t one thing or the other. What I want you to think about flange management is, think about bolting and leak prevention in bolting the same way that you would think about managing all of your welding. From setting specifications and weld procedures to setting the materials to having the right documentation to having the right qualifications and testing of those welders and the documentation of turnover packages, that’s how you get a quality welding program on your site. And that’s how bolting should work because there are way more potential leak points with your bolted connections than there are with your welding program.

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