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Quickflange Simple Process

Step into the world of efficient and straightforward installations with this video. We’ll walk you through the process of installing a quickflange weldless connector. Starting with isolating the line and making a precise cut, we ensure the connector fits perfectly with the pipe. Next, we use a hydraulic tool, aligning and activating it to apply the necessary pressure to fit the pipe into the connector’s pre-machined grooves. Finally, we reverse the tooling to create a durable, gas-tight seal. Join us in this informative demonstration and make your installations a breeze!

The process of installing our quickflange weldless connector is both quick and easy. Once the line is isolated, a straight cut is crucial to ensure the quick flange sits flush to the pipe edge. The hydraulic tool is aligned into the pipe and activated to the required pressure. During this process, the cone of the tool quickly extends, allowing the segments to flare, swaging the pipe into the pre-machine grooves of the connector. The tooling is then reversed, concluding the installation, creating the permanent gas tight seal.

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