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Quickflange Off-The-Shelf Availability 1 to 8 inch Range

Discover the Ultimate Solution for Seamless Pipe Installations! Introducing ‘QuickFlange Off-The-Shelf Availability 1 to 8 inch Range’ video. Get ready to unlock a world of convenience and efficiency as we unveil a game-changing off-the-shelf product range that’s perfect for your pipe installation needs. With an extensive selection of sizes and materials, including carbon steel, Cunifer, and stainless steel pipes, we’ve got you covered! Our qualified and trained third-party technicians are ready to ensure a hassle-free installation experience. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of various pipe schedules and the ease of shipping. Act fast, as sizes up to eight inches are available, with limited options for exotic materials at six inches. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your piping projects – watch now!

This slide is a bit of two-fold so this slide in essence is what I would call an off-the-shelf product range. This is uh qualified and ready to ready to ship in many cases if Don doesn’t have it in stock then it’ll be sitting in either our Houston facility here in the UK or Norway. So this is what we would call and DMR off the off-the-shelf product but also this is the size range that um there are training. So what I didn’t mention earlier as part of our business model is that we can actually train third party um technicians to do this installation. Now of course uh for for the onshore Canada uh market um Innovators your go to and their guys will ultimately maybe the the team that will come out and install these but if you have a large shutdown a large campaign coming up and you want to get your core crews trained then we have that training model in place. Now if they were to be trained this is what they could install one to eight inch predominantly from the carbon steel range and the cunifer range and the stainless one to eight inch and then when we move into the exotics it’s one to six inch. Now you may ask why is up not updating because some of the range we can’t do the full size range in some of the exotics so it’s limited to six inch in this particular area but what you can also see is the compatibility for the pipe schedules that we cover within these size ranges as well.

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