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QuickFlange Eliminate 30 Hot Work Welds

Join us on an incredible journey to Canada’s oil industry as we tackle a high-stakes project that defied the norm. In our captivating video, “QuickFlange Eliminate 30 Hot Work Welds,” witness how we transformed a critical path project, plagued by leaks and corrosion, into a resounding success.

In this gripping tale, we encounter three oil treatment vessels with troublesome de-sanding headers, causing severe efficiency issues. The vessels presented an unusual challenge with their non-standard plate flanges that demanded immediate replacement. With time ticking away, confined space welding and cutting became our only option.

The first is so this is actually the very first quick flanges that we’ve performed in Canada. So in this situation what we have is a SAG-D client in the Cold Lake region here in Alberta who had three oil treaters who had and they had these de-sanding headers that were inside the pressure envelope of the vessels. And as you can see in the top left-hand corner, the fabricator didn’t use standard flanges, they manufactured some plate and they made and these plate flanges you know had just gotten terribly corroded and they were getting leaks and whatnot and it was causing some efficiency issues with the inside the vessel with de-sanding and de-watering.

So the client, this was a critical path project, the client had three vessels, a total of 30 flanges inside confined space. They had a massive critical path schedule, this project of replacing these 30 flat flanges was three weeks in their plan. Massive cleaning, steaming and degassing of the vessels, confined space breathing air for the welders, man watches, you can imagine the entire requirement for confined space welding and cutting. They also had a big concern with arc strikes as they were trying to remove the flanges and to do the welding.

So we, originally they had more than 180 scheduled hours, 500 plus man-hours planned in this job. And we looked at this project and this was before we had CRNs but this project because these flanges were inside the pressure envelope didn’t require CRNs. We were able to go into this vessel with cold work, we cold cut these flanges off, fit it. We removed and installed each flange in about 25 minutes and the entire project to replace these 30 flanges was two and a half shifts.

And so there was a massive significant savings in terms of time, in terms of safety and in terms of cost. The client didn’t share what a three-week welding project in confined space was but surely it was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and we were a fraction of that cost. So this is a SAG-D example.

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