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Quickflange Combining Services For A Cold Work Tie Point

Discover the incredible power of Quickflange in our latest video, “Revolutionary Cold Work Tie Point Solution!” Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of fire water systems and witness firsthand how our innovative technology transformed a hospital’s isolation valve installation in Calgary. With no isolation across multiple floors, the hospital faced significant challenges in making changes or rerouting their system. But fear not, our skilled technicians came to the rescue! Watch in awe as they perform a flawless freeze plug on the tie point location, followed by the seamless installation of a valve and spool using our game-changing quick flanges.

Now this is a different example I’m going to share with you next. This is a fire water system at the Peter Lawhead Hospital in Calgary. This is a utility room that is on an active hospital ward. This room was literally 12 feet away from the nursing station and on an active ward with patients in the ward. They needed to install an isolation valve because the way their fire water system had been designed, they had no isolation across multiple floors to be able to do any changes or any rerouting. They wanted to install this valve in this fire water system.

We went into this job on a night shift with two technicians. We performed a freeze plug on the top and bottom of the tie point location. After the freeze plugs were established with liquid nitrogen, we were able to cold cut out the initial spool. Then we fitted the first two quick flanges on either end of the open-ended pipe. We then took the pipe that we had cut out and we fabricated a new pup piece spool with two more quick flanges. We installed the valve, installed the spool, bolted up the connections, did the hydro test on all four of the quick flange connections, and finished that tie point in a 12-hour shift with two people in a closet on a live hospital ward. No hot work required, the entire activity was cold.

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