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Pay Once Promise | What Does it Mean for Client Relationships?

Discover how Innovator, a company committed to its customers, revolutionizes client relationships in our captivating video, “Pay Once Promise | What Does it Mean for Client Relationships?” Immerse yourself in a discussion that reveals the secret ingredient to building enduring connections: trust.

I think it’s fundamental in growing relationships with customers that they know that when they hire someone to do the work that is more than just you know a marketing line to say you know you’ve got a you know a flange management process that guarantees leak free because if it doesn’t guarantee it then it’s not a guarantee and with leak repair if you’re planning to sell your customer more injection equipment more mature injection materials right in your business plan then you’re you’re setting your business up to actually let your customers down as part of your business model and we don’t do that we happily send our crews out if there’s ever an issue and you know my people often ask well how do we measure that and how do we know if the client is mean is the client telling us if they shut the plant down and restart it and and the answer is quite frankly I don’t care because I want to be your partner innovator wants to be your partner and there’s a tremendous amount of trust that gets created in that and so we trust our clients and we want them to trust us so when you call and say hey something that you did needs a rejection we’re gonna deploy crews and we’re not going to charge you and we know that in the long term our relationship is going to be strong and there’s going to be value created for everybody and the relationship is going to be measured in years and decades because of the way that we stand by our work and that’s why it’s the foundation of a key part of what innovator is about you know our tagline for our entire business is we want to be your partner in building a leak-free work place and that partnership means a commitment and that’s what the pay once promise started as so what the pay once promise means and it’s always going to be that way you.

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