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Leak Free – The Innovator Pay Once Promise

Discover the game-changing Innovator Pay Once Promise in this captivating video! Join Steven Cadre, a seasoned site manager for Jacobs, as he emphasizes the importance of a leak-free workplace. Learn how leaks can endanger safety, hamper productivity, and lead to massive liability issues. With over five years of experience using Innovator, Cadre champions the shift towards leak-free operations. Jacobs and Innovator have joined forces to eliminate leaks, safeguarding client assets, personnel, and the environment. Don’t miss out on the secrets to a leak-free future! Watch now and revolutionize your workplace.

I think a leak-free workplace is the ultimate goal of every owner, every contractor today. Industry recognizes that leaks are a safety hazard, they are a productivity hazard, they are a major liability issue in terms of damage and destruction to the environment and damaging and destruction of client facilities. My name is Steven Cadre. I’m the site manager for Jacobs. I’ve been using Innovator for about five years. They’ve got good equipment, certainly they’ve done a good job in trying to build a relationship with us on site, certainly put efforts into gaining work with us. We’ve definitely been positioned, especially with the market today, on trying to cut costs and certainly has been a partner in them. So our business is focused one hundred percent on elimination of leaks and facilities in pipelines for the protection of the client’s assets, the personnel involved, and the environment. And I think it’s a bold move for us to take that sort of Vanguard position about being a leak-free contractor, but I think it’s where the industry needs to go and that’s the course that we’re going to be staying.

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