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IPEIA- The Safety Cost Of Hot Work

The video “The Safety Cost of Hot Work” emphasizes the critical importance of safety in hot work processes like welding and cutting. It discusses the severe human and financial impacts of safety failures, drawing insights from the Chemical Safety Board. Real stories and statistics are presented to highlight the risks and the need for effective safety measures in unavoidable hot work situations. The video aims to raise awareness about the crucial role of safety protocols in reducing risks in industrial hot work environments.

The video “The Safety Cost of Hot Work” highlights the grave consequences of safety failures in hot work, referencing a 20-year study by the Chemical Safety Board (CSB). It points out over 60 deaths and significant financial losses from hot work incidents in North America and Europe. Emphasizing the need to avoid hot work when possible, the video underlines ongoing risks with recent examples, including a devastating incident at the Come By Chance refinery. This account personalizes the impact of hot work accidents, underscoring the urgent need for strict safety measures in the industry.

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