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IPEIA – Real Cost of Hot Work

Discover the unexpected financial implications of hot work in our video, “The REAL COST of hot work.” Uncover how simple tasks like flange replacements can incur costs up to ten times their direct value, and why hot work on above-ground storage tanks can skyrocket expenses. This enlightening analysis reveals the true cost of hot work in the industrial sector.

So what are the real costs of all this hot work? Well, for a simple flange replacement, because of the direct costs, the indirect pre work costs, and all of the planning costs. A typical flange replacement costs about 10 times more than the direct field execution itself. So that $7,000 example, by the time that job is performed, costs at least $70,000. Now if it’s an above ground storage tank, millions of dollars in costs are lost in production, as well as millions of dollars in planning. And it’s likely 1,000x Multiple to perform hot work versus non hot work on a above ground storage tank. And if in the case of one of our clients, where they have a no hot work policy, then all of the hot work that gets crammed into the turnaround is likely 10s of 1000s of times more expensive than the direct cost of one of those tasks.

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