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Experience Safe and Efficient Grinding with Innovator Safety Tools! Watch this exciting video featuring Don Cooper as he introduces our revolutionary spark-free and heat-free grinding and cutting equipment. Our certified cold work tools are specially designed to prioritize your safety.

Unlike traditional tools, our Innovator Safety Tools create no hot surfaces or sparks that could ignite explosive atmospheres. With our equipment, you can confidently grind, cut, and remove paint without any risk. We’ve received certification from DMV as cold work tools, ensuring their reliability and safety.

Hi, this is Don Cooper from Innovator. Imagine being able to grind and zip cut without sparks and without heat. We’re excited to be able to supply cost-efficient ex certified equipment for grinding and cutting. You can cut steel or any other material without making a hot surface or even any sparks that can ignite explosive atmospheres. There’s no airborne dust, low noise levels, low vibration, and no sharp fragments. It’s incredibly safe to use.

Our spark-free grinding and cutting tools are certified by DMV as cold work tools. Innovator safety tools metal grinding and cutting are also super efficient. Outside of your hot work areas, our tools are designed for steel grinding, cutting, and paint removal to make any surface ready for new coatings. We offer the most efficient tools in its class with significant safety benefits. Innovator safety tools cut the heat, cut the risk.

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