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Innovator Quickflange Webinar Clips: What Does Quickflange Cover? (Product Range) Pt.3

Uncover the secrets behind the strength and versatility of Quickflange as our expert speaker explores an extensive range of materials. From robust carbon steel to low temp carbon steel, and from duplex to super duplex, we leave no stone unturned. We even delve into the remarkable properties of Menel 6mo, stainless steel, and copper nickel.

Um okay so the materials let’s just quickly cover those then um I guess it’s pretty obvious we by looking at the the slide we pretty much cover the wide range now I say it’s obvious but maybe it’s not in some of the in mechanical connectors I know there’s limitations with the summit mechanical connectors but based on our technology we do carbon steel which covers ultimately a 105 n um and a 350 lf2 so the low temp carbon steel and in majority of cases of carbon steel all our flanges are dual certified so if you go back to thinking about what I was saying earlier with regards how we manufacture them it’s an off-the-shelf product this this is a standard weld necklines that we modify now we have hundreds if not thousands of these on the shelf machines ready to go um so it’s a very very quick turnaround when it comes to exotics sometimes we keep a good stock of them but they they’re the ones that might give you a bit more lead time but as you can see we cover duplex super duplex menel um 6mo and again in stainless 316 they’re dual certified for 316 and 316l we also do copper nickel which is again heavily used in the offshore industry um certainly here in north sea for for example fire water lines etc.

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