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Innovator Quickflange Webinar Clip: What Does Quickflange Cover? (Product Range) Pt.2

Welcome to the groundbreaking webinar clip, “Innovator Quickflange: What Does Quick flange Cover? (Product Range) Pt.2,” where we delve into the realm of unrivaled pressure ratings and cutting-edge engineering solutions.

Are you ready to explore the extraordinary capabilities of Quickflange products? Join us as we unveil a world where mainstream products boasting impressive pressure ratings of 150-300 pounds have undergone an incredible transformation driven by client demands. Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping revelation: our products have surged to an astounding 600-900 pounds range without compromising their exceptional quality.

Pressure ratings, well, I mean our mainstream is 150, 300 pound for sure is where our biggest window of opportunity that we have found over the last 16 years. However, our clients have driven the products into the six and nine hundred pound range and we have no issue with the qualification of these products because what I didn’t mention earlier and still in Norway is our engineering base for Quick flange where we have an R&D department and it is literally just a few months ago we have just qualified a 1500 pound connector for our client in the US. So if for some reason we don’t have that connector approved within our range it’s generally because it’s in either higher pressure or an exotic material but ultimately we have the ability to qualify that product.

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