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Innovator Quickflange Webinar Clip: Quickflange Testing Pt.2

Experience the power of engineering in this gripping video! Watch as a custom-forged Quickflange  creation, designed to withstand extreme conditions, is put to the ultimate test. This isn’t your average piece of metal – it’s a dome-ended spool with a silver flange and a gold coating, bolted to a thicker-than-usual weld neck. Witness the intense process as it’s subjected to a vibration jig and pulsating hose, enduring over 10 million vibration cycles and 500 pulsations. This grueling test, originally planned for three days, extended to five, not due to our custom forging, but due to the failure of a traditional weld. Dive in to see the surprising outcome and discover the true champion when it comes to durability. Will it be the conventional weld or our resilient Quickflange? Tune in to find out!

This will show uh Peter had a question about vibration earlier uh so I’d like you to speak about vibration a little bit. Yeah so um this is an exceptionally quick video so I don’t know if we can put on a loop at all there don’t but anyway let me just talk you through this the setup that we have here so first of all you can see this is witnessed by Synthetic which is uh one of the major uh approval bodies um what we have is a dome-ended spool here um and the uh let’s call it the gray the silver flange is a Quick flange the gold one which is just the coating is actually a standard weld neck now what you can see here this is actually a custom forging because this is a little bit thicker than the traditional weld neck that it is bolted up to but everything is designed to uh as my B165 configuration now this was a vibration and pulsation so you can see it being held in the vibration jig uh and then just on the top end you can see a hose is going in and it’s it’s giving a pulsation um now I don’t know if you can run the video again for me uh here Don so it’s so quick um this went through in excess of 10 million vibration cycles and 500 pulsations all right slowly done keep going all right I jumped ahead there I was trying to replay the video while you’re speaking that’s right no problem um this test actually went through it took three five days in total to do the test it should have been done in three but actually ironically and this was not the design behind the test but because this is actually hooked up to a well-known flange which is welded to a pipe held in the jig that’s a weld cracked twice during this test so ironically um the weld gave up versus the Quick flange the Quick flange had no failure to this.

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