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Innovator Quickflange Webinar Clip: How is Quickflange Installed Pt.4

Discover the secrets behind Quickflange installation in this captivating video! Explore the hidden features and groundbreaking techniques that make Quickflange the game-changer in flange technology.

In this must-watch video, we uncover a small but crucial element that revolutionizes the sealing process—the invisible inner front lip of the flange. Delve into the world of Quickflange as we reveal how Belzona is expertly applied to this area, thwarting crevice corrosion and ensuring an impeccable first seal.

There is also a small lip on the inner front of the flange. You can’t necessarily see it on the circular image, but where we do the cut of the pipe and the insulation of the flange, there’s a small lip on the flange. We also put Belzona in that area and it is the smallest amount, but what that will do is prevent any crevice corrosion from that first seal. Now this image that you’re seeing here is a two groove solution. We have multiple different designs based on material and the application it’s going to be used on, which we’ll talk about later on. But in this particular scenario, you have four metal to metal seals in a two groove solution and I have an image later on I’ll run through.

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