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Innovator Quickflange Webinar Clip: How is Quickflange Installed Pt.1

Discover the game-changer in mechanical connectors! Join our webinar clip “How is Quickflange Installed Pt.1” and unlock the power of Quick flange, the revolutionary innovation that’s transforming the industry. Learn how this modified weld neck flange with its cutting-edge groove design creates a flawless, gas-tight metal-to-metal seal. Say goodbye to degradation and hello to long-lasting connections, without the need for elastomers or polymers. Don’t miss out on this exclusive insight into the future of connectors. Watch now and revolutionize your projects with Quickflange!

Where a lot of mechanical connectors, again if you’re familiar with mechanical connectors, they can be quite an alien type of fitting. They’re not something that you would recognize maybe as a flange or whatever the connector, you know, a coupling or whatever. But with Quick flange, the way the product is so simple is that we actually take a standard weld neck flange in many cases and we simply modify it. So if you can see there on the circular image there, what we do is we machine down partially the neck of the flange and then the internal bore. Now the technology ultimately lies within the groove design. So you can make out there that there are some grooves machined into the flange. This is where we’re going to use the pipe and a hydraulic tool to force our radial force into the pipe itself to swage that pipe into these grooves, creating a metal to metal gas tight seal. Now what’s really key here is that the metal to mental seal, there’s no elastomers, there’s no polymer, so there’s no degradation of the actual connection that you’re going to make on the joint.

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