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Innovator Quickflange Webinar Clip: Challenges That Quickflange Can Fix Pt.3

Join us for an exhilarating discussion as our expert speaker reveals a game-changing solution: Quickflange. Discover how this revolutionary technology can significantly cut down crew requirements at key tie points, transforming your projects and maximizing productivity.

Prepare to be amazed as our speaker unveils real-life examples showcasing the incredible power of Quickflange. Witness how it effortlessly replaced welding, minimizing the critical path in a recent SAGD facility job. In a stunning twist, what was originally planned as a labor-intensive three-week endeavor was completed in just two and a half shifts! Imagine the possibilities for your own projects.

The other place is about, you know, if you watched my webinar on our turnaround optimizer process a few weeks ago, a big part of that is integrated crews and how do we optimize the number of people at the work face, and Quick Flange is a great way to drive productivity by reducing the number of crews that, you know, that interface at a particular tie point and really drive productivity. And I’m going to show you a few examples at the very end how we’ve been able to do turnkey tie points with Quick Flange as part of the solution with just a very small two-person, one-person and two-person crew. And just anywhere where you’ve got a lot of welding to do and you’ve got a tight critical path, we’ll show you an example at the end on a SAGD facility where we took the welding of 30 flanges out of the critical path was a part of their three-week, and it was a confined space job. We removed that from the critical path and we were able to perform all those, we replaced welding with Quick Flange and we were able to do that work in two and a half shifts as opposed to the three weeks that was planned. So there’s a lot of great places that people may not consider using this.

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