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Innovator Quickflange Webinar Clip: Challenges That Quickflange Can Fix Pt.1

Are you tired of dealing with the costly and time-consuming process of welding in your projects? Look no further! Join us for an eye-opening webinar clip where we unveil the revolutionary Quickflange tool that can transform the way you work.

In this captivating video, we delve into the pressing challenges faced by professionals like you when considering welding options. Say goodbye to skyrocketing costs and project delays caused by hot work! With Quickflange, you can bid farewell to 100% of weld repairs, saving both time and money.

So what are the kinds of challenges that you face that might be relevant for you considering Quick Flange? Often, you know, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from contacts and clients over the last couple of days who said, ‘Oh, I’m familiar with Quick Flange, Don. I’m not sure if I need to join.’ And often, those people have used Quick Flange in ways as an example before we had CRNs and all the Canada-wide CRN approval. So there’s a lot of places that you can use Quick Flange today in Canada that you might not have been able to in the past.

Some of the challenges you’re going to face in today’s environment that where you really want to think about how Quick Flange could help is, you’re faced with time and cost associated with performing hot work, particularly in today’s environment. The next area is, we have a lot of clients who have had to delay their shutdowns and their turnarounds or the shutdowns and turnarounds that they’re going to perform in the next 12 months or so have got reduced schedules and reduced budgets. And now you need to find new ways to be cost-effective and potentially even remove certain tie-ins from outside of the turnaround event. And Quick Flange is a way that can allow you to do that.

Certainly, Quick Flange eliminates 100% of the weld repairs that you might face across your project because in this case there is no welding.

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