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Innovator PYPLOK Demonstration

Experience the game-changing PYPLOK system in action with our riveting video, “Innovator PYPLOK Demonstration.” Witness the lightning-fast, clean, and effortless installation process as we guide you through each step. From verifying pipe diameters to deburring and cleaning, marking the ends, positioning the pipe, sliding on the pipe lock fitting, and completing the swaging process within seconds, it’s a revolutionary method that delivers leak-free connections. Don’t miss your chance to witness the future of pipe fittings – watch now!

The first step is to verify the minimum and maximum pipe diameter using the inspection gauge. Once the pipe is cut, it is critical to deburr the pipe to remove all sharp edges. Then clean the swage area down to the bare metal for the proper installation of the fitting. Next, mark the two pipe ends. Position the pipe against the stop in on the bottom of the inspection gauge. Holding it in place, mark the pipe in two places: first, the insertion depth and also make a secondary inspection mark. Repeat this procedure with the other end. Slide the pipe lock fitting over the pipe and position it so you can see the middle of the oval mark through the hole. Then place the pipe lock swaging tool around the fitting and swage. The actual swaging is completed in seconds and can be done virtually anywhere. Repeat with the other end of the pipe. Once it’s swaged, visually inspect the connection. The insertion depth mark must be visible to ensure proper alignment for the seal. If it’s not visible, a secondary inspection must be performed with the gauge to guarantee a leak-free connection. To complete installation, verify the swage diameter with the inspection tool. It’s that fast, clean, and easy.

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