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Innovator IWT 6 Sch 80 600# Test @ 1500PSI

Dive into the latest episode from Innovator Industrial Services, titled “Innovator IWT 6 Sch 80 600# Test @ 1500PSI.” This episode spotlights the capabilities of the Innovator IWT (Internal Weld Testers). Tailored for cost efficiency, our Internal Weld Testers stand out as the premier choice for localized pressure testing on both new and existing flange welds, butt weld joints, and ensuring valve integrity. Made from high-grade carbon steel, our testers guarantee rigorous high-pressure testing due to our pressure-energized seals. They’re versatile, catering to pipes ranging from 1/2″ to 16″.

In a succinct 29-second timelapse, observe two of our skilled crew members as they masterfully handle the preparation, setup, and testing of the IWT in a 6’’ pipe at 1500PSI. The entire process, from start to finish, is captured in just under 10 minutes, underscoring our commitment to swift and efficient service.

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