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Innovator Dual Tool 6″ Sch STD 300# Test @ 500PSI

Venture into the latest episode from Innovator Industrial Services, “Innovator Dual Tool 6 Sch STD 300# Test @ 500PSI.” This episode shines a spotlight on the prowess of the Innovator Dual Tool. Tailored for piping systems transporting hydrocarbons, the Dual Tool stands out as a premier solution for both testing and isolation. It ensures a safe welding environment by isolating residual LEL vapors. But that’s not all; it’s also adept at pressure-testing welds. Leveraging a mix of water and inflatable tires, the Dual Tool assesses pipe integrity post-welding, suitable for pipes ranging from 2″ to 36″.

In a concise 29-second timelapse, watch two of our skilled crew members as they prep, set up, and test the Dual Tool 6″ Sch STD 300# at 500PSI. The preparation and setup took a swift 2 minutes and 50 seconds, while the testing phase was completed in 11 minutes and 12 seconds.

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