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Innovation Nation Episode 1 Introduction

Welcome to Innovation Nation, where we unlock the secrets of success through groundbreaking innovation! In this thrilling debut episode, join us on a transformative journey as we delve into the realm of limitless possibilities.

Are you ready to revolutionize your world? Innovation Nation is a captivating new series that will empower you to harness the power of innovation and unlock untapped potential. Get ready to supercharge your job, team, department, or business with cutting-edge strategies and game-changing insights.

Welcome to Innovation Nation. This is our new video series on innovation. We’re going to be talking about new ways to create value. Creating value through innovation is foundational to what we try to do inside of our businesses and we want this video series to be a mechanism for you to learn new ways of thinking, new technologies, new ways of doing things that leverage technology inside of your jobs, inside of your teams, your departments, and your businesses so that you can create new value by leveraging these ideas and accelerate your business.

There are different types of innovation. Many people, when they think about innovation, they think about a device or a piece of equipment but there are actually three different areas of innovation that we’re going to be talking about in this video series. So the first one is innovation and technology. That’s the one that we’re all used to. That might be innovation in equipment inside of our businesses. It could also be innovation in technology in terms of digital devices and new software systems inside of our business. We are trying to create value by using innovation and technology and innovation and delivery to improve the safety, the productivity, and the cost effectiveness of our clients inside of our industrial business.

But there is more to innovation than the what, more than the equipment, more than the ideas. When you start to think differently about innovation, you realize that there are different levels of value that you can create. On the very outside, and this is a Simon Sinek version of what he calls the golden circles, the what is how we typically might think about innovation, new technology, new equipment. But there’s also the how and the why in innovation that can be key to new levels of value creation that you can create in your role, in your department, and in your business.

And so we’re going to be talking also about innovation and delivery. Now that involves a lot of different ideas but fundamentally we’re talking about new processes, new ways of doing things, the how of how you execute work, how you deliver with your projects, with your customers. And so that’s the how.

But then we get to another level of innovation and that is innovation in thinking, thinking differently and applying completely new types of innovation in science and in processes that get you to that next level. We call that innovation in action and simply put it’s about amplified performance. Innovation in action is what we all do every day. Everything that we do as people, as humans, is an action. It’s a behavior. And so from the minute we get out of bed in the morning to when we start to take on work, when we’re interacting with our customers, when we are interacting with our peers, when we are trying to work safely in productivity and we are taking on new tasks, we are taking action. And the way that we take action can be amplified when you start to apply innovative methods and innovative new ways of looking at how we take action.

We’re going to dive deeply into many different ways that we can apply innovation to action and create amplified performance. So in deeper than creating value through innovation, we want to help you grow faster and grow stronger as an individual, as a team, as a company, and as a department within an organization.

But who are you? Who is this video series for? Well, we have four different target audiences that we want to create this video series for. And so the first one of our target audiences are industrial and construction companies and their teams. Using innovation technology and delivery and the ideas that I’ll share here, we want to improve your safety, your productivity, and your cost effectiveness. But it has one long-term goal. That long-term goal for usover the next 10 years is to help 5,000 companies reach zero injuries, to not hurt a single person in your workplace, zero recordable injuries. Now, inside of our industrial business, Innovator, we just finished our ninth year with a total recordable injury rate of 0.0 and we are into our 10th year and we hope, using the technologies and the systems and the processes that we use, that we are going to be able to help 5,000 other companies do exactly the same thing. It’s an audacious goal, but when you pick a moon shot, you might as well pick something that matters and not hurting anyone really matters to us. We want to help you accomplish that same achievement.

We also, we are an entrepreneurial business and we work B2B. We sell our services in both of our companies to other companies, industrial companies, and other entrepreneurial companies. So we want to help 5,000 other entrepreneurial B2B companies and their teams reach their vision, develop that vision, help them with the tools and the ideas so that they can grow faster and they can grow stronger and achieve the vision that they have for where they want to go.

Sales and marketing, nothing happens until someone makes a sale. Nothing happens unless someone tells you about a new idea. And so those new ideas come from strong sales and marketing teams who are not pitching you but who are helping identify the things that can help you, attracting you in the right way, and then helping you match the best solutions. So we really feel passionately about helping sales and marketing teams become top one percent performers and we feel that that will help other businesses that they sell to be more effective. And so we’re going to help 5,000 sales and marketing teams become top 1% performers over the next 10 years.

And then finally, for our current and our future Innovator and Amplifier family members, our team, over the next 10 years we want to attract 5,000 like-minded people who believe in the values that we believe in, who believe in the innovation and the amplified performance that we believe in, who really want to be part of what we are trying to create. It starts with our number one core value of family first but equally it is all of our core values that I wear every day, from ‘find a way’, our embracing of innovation, to ‘results matter’, focusing on behaviors to create the right results, a high sense of accountability that we own our work and that we own our responsibilities to get things done for our company and for our clients, and an ‘always growing’ mindset that we are always growing as individuals, getting better and better, constantly improving, constantly improving the business, constantly improving results and innovations for our clients.

Those five core values are going to be part of what we talked about in this innovation video series, as well as a whole series of other ways to create an intentional action-focused culture. So I’m going to be pulling back the curtain on everything that I have learned over my 29 years focusing inside of business to share ideas about innovation, to share ideas about designing systems and processes, new artificial intelligence ideas, and even diving deep into the science of productivity and safety using some really creative new ways of thinking and learning about how you can design behavior around the people as opposed to designing, trying to get people to work the system.

So what are we going to be covering inside of Innovation Nation? Well, we’re going to be covering innovation and technology, innovation and delivery, and innovation in action. It’s going to have a wide array of different topics that we’re going to be covering from equipment designing processes, digitization, focusing on competency, productivity science, safety design, human instinct, behaviordesign, culture design, action skills, the action formula, eliminating hot work, artificial intelligence, coaching, building strong teams, communicating communication, attracting right fit clients, right fit suppliers, and right fit team members and more. This is going to be a really fun time sharing everything that I have learned over my career about innovation with all of you and hopefully ensuring that we create value along the way.

Now, these are not all my ideas. I have searched the world and sought out the best mentors and the best teachers. So this entire video series is not going to be a solo show. I’ll be sharing ideas from global experts, from scientists, from doctors, from engineers, from other entrepreneurs, inventors, and other innovators. Everything that I am learning and studying, I’m going to be embodying in this video series to be able to help those four groups of people: 5,000 industrial companies, 5,000 B2B entrepreneurial teams, 5,000 sales and marketing teams, and 5,000 current and future innovators.

Now, when you add all that up, that’s 10 million people thereabouts. I’ll share the math with you later. But there are going to be many ways for you to learn as you watch this video series. This video series is backed with two podcasts, two YouTube channels, and a multitude of books and written insights that you can opt in to learn more at any time. And so at the end of each series, we’ll be sharing with you some information about our different podcasts, our Industrial Innovators podcast and our Amplifier podcast, and the topics that we are talking about in the video. I’ll be referencing back to you at the end of each episode so that I show you where you can get more information on anything that we talked about in this video series.

So at the very end of the series, you’re going to see QR codes and you’re going to see web addresses that you can scan and go to to dive in and join new information. Like you see here, if you want to join the Innovation Nation weekly email series that I send out talking about these topics for further backup, if you want to watch further videos or you want to listen to a particular podcast on a different type of innovation and technology or innovation and delivery topic, then we’ll be providing you with those actions that you can take at the end of every episode of this video series.

So my promise to you is this: one, it’s going to be fun. Two, I promise everything that we do in this series is going to be valuable. It’s going to be educational for you and you can share it with your team. I’m going to do my best to share innovation ideas that are practical, that you can apply inside of your role today, tomorrow, and next week. And here’s the big promise: I’m gonna do my best to release five videos per week, Monday through Friday. I’m going to share one new video on some of the topics on innovation that we’re going to cover in this series.

So welcome to Innovation Nation, folks. I’m looking forward to sharing with you and I hope you enjoy this series. And please feel free to reach out and comment on our YouTube channel, send me an email, send me a note on LinkedIn, or comment as we post these on various social media platforms. I’m really looking forward to sharing these ideas with you and let’s get on

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