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Freeze Plugs | Why is Innovator the Most Effective?

Discover the incredible power of freeze plugs in our captivating video, “Freeze Plugs | Why is Innovator the Most Effective?” Dive into the fascinating world of freeze plug technology as we unravel the secrets behind their unparalleled effectiveness. Join us as we explore the key factors that make Innovator Industrial Services stand out in this field.

The effectiveness of a freeze plug is largely dependent on two components: experience and process. By utilizing Innovator’s documented live freezing procedure and data sheets, our experienced personnel can evaluate the application and eliminate any risk in the job in the planning phase.

To create a freeze plug, Innovator utilizes a double freeze wall jacket or chamber. The chamber is in two halves and is bolted to the pipe. What the difference between this technology and a traditional quench bath style technology is the reduction in nitrogen gas that’s produced.

The double-walled jackets contain the gas and allow us to vent it to a safe location, whereas the traditional bath style vents to atmosphere. Nitrogen is heavier than oxygen and therefore displaces it, creating an oxygen-deficient atmosphere which is potentially hazardous to the workers. So by utilizing the double-walled jackets, we vent the nitrogen to a safe location, ensuring the safety of our workers.

As for the ice plug itself, it relies on the adhesion of ice to steel along with some opposing contracting forces happening at the freeze location. So as the plug forms, it grows. We all know water expands, ice expands when it freezes. So this growth of the plug is pushing on the ID of the pipe. Likewise, as the pipe cools, steel contracts. So that contraction, if you picture it, the pipe is contracting against the plug and the plug wants to expand out against the pipe. So those two forces lock the plug in place and keep it from moving and slipping.

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