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Forge Bonding – What Is It?

Forge bonding, as discussed by Don Cooper and Mat Rybicki, is a cutting-edge technology that falls under the category of friction welding, according to ASME Section 9. It distinguishes itself from conventional welding by not generating molten metal, instead utilizing a forging process that produces significantly less thermal energy. This method offers a novel approach to metal joining, particularly beneficial in applications like storage tank repairs where minimizing thermal impact is crucial.

Don Cooper  0:00   

Hi I’m Don Cooper, the CEO and founder of innovator and today’s session is part of a series that we’re offering on above ground storage tank repairs. And today we are talking about the Forge bonding repair method. 


Mat Rybicki  0:22   

going to be talking about a technology which we have termed forge bonding, according to ASME, Section nine, it’s actually classified under friction welding, but it’s it’s more of a forging process than a welding process. At least traditional welding process because it does not create any molten metal. It produces a tiny fraction of the thermal energy that traditional arc welding would produce. 

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