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Forge Bonding – Minimum Plate Thickness

Forge bonding, a specialized welding process discussed by Don Cooper and Mat Rybicki, sets a benchmark for minimum plate thickness at 0.15 inches to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of repairs. This standard has been applied even to tanks with thinner gauge steel, such as 11 or 12 gauge, following careful engineering assessments to ensure there’s no compromised metal in the repair area. The technique has successfully been used to install guardrails on the roofs of 20 tanks, showcasing its adaptability and reliability.

Speaker 1 0:00

Hi I’m Don Cooper, the CEO and founder of innovator and today’s session is part of a series that we’re offering on above ground storage tank repairs. And today we are talking about the Forge bonding repair method

Mat Rybicki 0:24

point one five inches Yes, that’s what we’ve drawn the line. We’ve actually bonded on tanks that had I believe is 1212 or 11 gauge steel, which is thinner than point one five, but we just understanding the contents and the tank was in excellent condition. There was no corroded metal in the area. So we we put engineering to it and found that it was safe to bond on that tank and we was 20 tanks we installed guardrails on the roof of all of them.

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