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Forge Bonding – Case Study – Diesel Tank

This case study on forge bonding demonstrates an effective repair of a leaking diesel tank gauge hatch, highlighting the limitations of traditional fixes and the efficiency of using a “top hat” solution. It showcases the method’s cost-effectiveness and the innovative approach to overcoming challenges, providing a practical and reliable repair option that minimizes downtime and ensures durability.

Don Cooper 1 0:00

Hi I’m Don Cooper, the  CEO and founder of innovator and today’s session is part of a series that we’re offering on above ground storage tank repairs. And today we are talking about the Forge bonding repair method

Mat Rybicki 0:22

diesel tank gauge hatch inoperable and leaking 110 foot diameter. You can see the dollar savings they they made an attempt by installing a PVC pipe large PVC pipe over the gauge hatch and fill it with polymers. You can see here it kept leaking or sprung a leak after the install this so we came in and we put what we call a top hat over it, which is normally it’s either a box or a top hat if we can’t put a flat plate over it so this is a top hat. They wanted to be able to open the top and look in there just out of curiosity maybe wasn’t really a lot of times we weld the top onto it gasketed repair around around the base all immerse

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