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Forge Bonding – Axial Force Magnitude

In forge bonding, as outlined by Don Cooper and Mat Rybicki, axial force is a key parameter that significantly varies with the materials being bonded, generally averaging around 1000 pounds (half a ton). This force is critical for achieving the desired bond strength and integrity, with specific magnitudes detailed in the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) depending on the material combination, including stainless steel and 2205 Duplex. This adaptability in applying axial force underscores forge bonding’s versatility and precision in addressing diverse repair needs.

Speaker 1 0:00

Hi I’m Don Cooper, the  CEO and founder of innovator and today’s session is part of a series that we’re offering on above ground storage tank repairs. And today we are talking about the Forge bonding repair method

Mat Rybicki 0:29

I didn’t mention an axial force during the presentation because it varies depending on the materials being bonded. It’s it would be a demo, it would be listed in the WPS, but I’ll just say kind of ballpark. It’s about a half a ton about 1000 pounds of force. But it can vary based on where we are we what are we bonding on stainless steel? What type of carbon steel is that at 2205 Duplex we have to develop a weld procedure that would that would dictate what that what that pressure will be. But I’d say just kind of a rough round numbers about 1000 pounds

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