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Forge Bonding – Advantages Over Welding

Ever wondered about the edge one metallurgical technique has over another? Dive into our enlightening video, ‘Forge Bonding Advantages Over Welding,’ where we unravel the superior benefits of forge bonding over traditional arc welding. Discover how forge bonding, with its unique metallurgical enhancement, stands as a bulwark against corrosion and future anomalies. Learn why this technique is hailed for its superior mechanical integrity and why bolted-in flanged repairs are being championed as the future, outperforming welded-in lap patches. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in understanding these advanced metallurgical techniques!

One of the main advantages to forge bonding is metallurgical. The typical arc weld, just about every arc weld in the industry, is infusing some sort of future anomaly. It’s a necessary evil. When they lay that bead in the field, especially in the field, they are inviting future anomalies. This is where my defense comes in on our bolted in lap patches. When we attach these anchor means or studs to these infrastructures, we don’t create that future anomaly. It’s actually a metallurgical enhancement where that stud joins that substrate. The bond resists corrosion because of the nature of the characteristics of forging versus arc welding.

So when you combine the forged bonding technique with the polymers, with the gaskets, with the stainless steel repair plates, and our stainless steel washers and our stainless steel tamper-resistant nuts, you’ve created a system that has brought a mechanical integrity that’s in excess of its original design while simultaneously resisting the anomalies that typically come with a repair with these welded in lap patches.

It’s my ambition, my passion to show and to demonstrate to the industry that these bolted in flanged repairs are superior to a welded in lap patch.

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