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Extraordinary Customer Service

Experience “Extraordinary Customer Service” like never before in this captivating video. Join us as we set a new industry standard in leak repair, bolting, hot tapping, field machining, and heat treatment. Discover the genuine satisfaction of a valued client who praises our all-star team and their flawless execution on a project site. Get inspired and gain fresh insights into exceptional service. Don’t miss this insightful video that will transform your perspective on customer service.

We want to set the standard across the industry in terms of what clients expect when they call a leak repair contractor or a bolting or hot tapping or field machining or heat treatment contractor. I think Innovator should be the prime service and everyone else can follow in our footsteps. We’re able to come in and succeed where others fail. Just being able to say that and do it puts a smile on anyone’s face who’s passionate about their job or career. I had a conversation with the client today. What I could say, I could say this, I could, I can’t say what I think all of our clients would say, but I can say what a client told me personally today was that you have a group of all-stars on the site and I want your people back before I bring some of my people back. So that goes a long way with me when I have a client stating flat out that they value our employees as much as they do their own. As far as the execution on a specific project site, I would say that we have a client that is extremely satisfied.

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