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Composite Tank Repair – Installation & QC Training

In composite tank repair, certified installer training is crucial, focusing on design codes, application procedures, and quality control protocols over a four-day course. This program, highlighted by Don Cooper, ensures technicians are well-versed in every step of the repair process, from surface prep to post-installation inspection, and maintain their certification annually. The training emphasizes hands-on experience and adherence to stringent quality standards, preparing installers to deliver high-quality, compliant repairs.


Hello, everyone, this is Don Cooper. I’m the CEO of Innovative Industrial Services. And I’m your host today on this API 653 new repair methods webinar. So let’s talk a little bit about the requirements for a certified installer to be able to install carbon fiber for tank repair. This includes an educational background, it’s usually two days, we go through a process to understand the applicable design codes, we address some of the design basics. And then we go through the application procedures, and most importantly, the quality control and quality assurance requirements for making sure we have a satisfactory repair. It’s also hands on training, it’s another two day course. And that allows certified installed installer technicians to be certified for one for one year. So when the time comes, we do renewals and that way certified installers can maintain their certification and provide those records to owner operators. Now during the hands on we look at the quality control data that we need to acquire and record during the installation. HJ three is defined key milestones inside of the quality control program that has to be reached before we go to the next step. These are the in the form of checklists. We do a comprehensive training around what we need to do in order to reach these critical control points. Those are related to surface prep, installing the material and of course post installation inspection of the carbon fiber systems.

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