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Composite Tank Repair – How Did Cardon Fiber Get Approved In API 653?

HJ3 dives into the approval process of carbon fiber materials for tank repair under API 653. Uncover the comprehensive journey from proposal to the publication of amendments in the standards, emphasizing the collective input from stakeholders, extensive technical reviews, and the establishment of specific qualifications for utilizing carbon fiber in above-ground storage tank repairs. This narrative underscores the significance of innovation and collaboration in advancing tank maintenance technologies.

Hello, everyone. This is Don Cooper. I’m the CEO of innovative industrial services. And I’m your host today on this API 653 new repair methods webinar. HJ three started a process with API 653. We propose the use of carbon fiber repair materials for above ground storage tanks. This process involves a letter ballot, the letter ballot was circulated amongst the s cast or subcommittee and above ground storage tank members. And everybody provided insight and input into the process for approving carbon fiber. So owner operators, inspectors, contractors, consultants, everybody weighed in we went through several rounds of technical review. And in May of 2020, the API published addendum to it and that included the modifications for Section 3.2 to Section 9.4, which is entirely about carbon fiber and annex j which provides the unique qualification requirements for using carbon fiber for tank repair.

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