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Composite Repair – What Sort of Repair Lifespan Can I Expect?

Discover the ultimate solution for your piping system! Composite repair offers tailored fixes that address both external corrosion and internal erosion. Whether you need a temporary solution to last until the next outage (12-24 months) or a permanent fix that stands the test of time (20-25 years), composite repairs are the answer. By collaborating with a trusted composite provider, you’ll gain insights into the defects, corrosion/erosion rate, and desired repair lifespan, allowing for a custom-designed solution. Unlock the true potential of this cutting-edge technology by customizing it to suit your unique application. Don’t miss out on the transformative power of composite repairs!

Composite repair can be designed for the life that you need for that piping system. So if you have piping that either has external corrosion or in many cases our clients have internal erosion issues, then we can design the repair to the life that you need. So if you’re trying to get to the next turnaround and you plan to replace that piping, then we can design an engineered repair that will get you 12 months or 24 months to get you to that next outage with some safety factor. However, composite repair as a solution can be a permanent repair with up to 20-25 years of engineered life. So you have a really wide range of ways that you can leverage this solution to fit exactly what you need. So the idea is don’t just sort of take an out of the box idea that you’re going to wrap the pipe, but really take the time to work with us or with your composite provider and make sure that you understand the defects involved, the rate of corrosion and erosion that you’re experiencing, how long you need it to last. All of those things are going to change the way that the solution is designed in terms of the surface prep, the types of materials we use, the amount of material we use. All of those things can be created as a custom solution and that’s really the best way to leverage this technology is to customize it for your application.

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