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All the Costs of Hot Work

This insightful discussion highlights the multifaceted hot work costs in industrial and construction settings. It digs into more than just the direct expenses of labour and materials. It emphasises the often-overlooked pre-work preparations, indirect costs like planning and risk mitigation, and the significant safety costs that arise, particularly when hot work doesn’t go as planned. The conversation aims to broaden the understanding of construction managers, supervisors, and frontline tradespeople about the comprehensive financial implications of hot work costs.

But before we go there, I want to get everyone’s frame around mind around thinking around all of the costs of hot work. When I often ask many, many frontline tradespeople supervisors and even construction managers who have come up through the trades, they immediately levitate towards the direct costs the pipe fitters and the welders and the personnel and the materials that are at the workspace conducting the work. But there are a lot of other costs associated with hot work. What are they? Well, as we mentioned, there are certainly the direct costs, those frontline costs. There are pre work cost things that we’re doing to get ready for that hot work. Some of those engineering controls as an example, are pre work costs that have to happen before the actual hot work happens. There’s indirect costs. That’s where a lot of our planning and risk mitigation processes lie in those administrative controls. And of course, there are safety costs, particularly when hot work goes bad.

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