VIDEO: Composite Repair | What materials can be used? And what’s the difference?


We are happy to provide multiple material options for our clients that gets them the exact repair they’re looking for.

First, there are water-activated products that you can buy in ready-to-use kits. These would be the least expensive option. But are also the least valuable in terms of strength.

Then there is fiberglass and a variety of different epoxies. Each of these epoxy materials are going to have a different cost structure depending on the temperature rating of those materials.

Then there is carbon fiber, which is the most expensive of the composite repair cloths that we’re going to use for your project. And many of the epoxies that are used in conjunction to create the bonding and the sealing of the carbon fibers are similar to fiberglass.

When it comes to deciding which materials you’ll want to use, often you may want to consider the less expensive option in the way of fiberglass.

The thing about that though, is it requires way fewer wraps to perform the repair properly with carbon fiber. So we often recommend this option because even though it has a higher price point, it is stronger overall and will significantly reduce the number of man hours to install it.

When you consider your options in terms of cost effectiveness, carbon fiber will often be a better choice because it more than pays for itself in the man hours that you save.

But certainly, fiberglass will have its place.

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