VIDEO: Composite Repair | How long will it take?


Minimal installation time is another great benefit of Innovator’s composite repair service.

The time between when you contact us and when your solution is installed can easily be as little as a few hours…

Depending only on if the materials we need are in stock at a location near your facility. And we are always doing our best to maintain a good stock of materials.

So generally for smaller repairs, you can count on a quick and efficient response. We can address your issues without you having to wait weeks for a proper fix.

If it is a larger, more complicated project, then of course it’s going to take a bit more time.

We’re going to do a consultation with you to make sure we understand all the defects that we are dealing with. And we will look at what kind of lifespan you are looking to get out of your repair.

Very large projects will require us working with your engineers and supervisors to come up with an overall plan, ensuring everybody is on the same page.

In these situations, the better the consultation we can have, the quicker a solution can be implemented. We at Innovator believe in a thorough consultation process so that we are avoiding any potential delays in the middle of the project.

And depending on the materials you’re going to use, that can add time to the repair as well. Of course, we might recommend a more expensive material only because the time you save installing it will tend to pay for itself.

Regardless of the size of the project, the installation time for our composite repairs is going to be a comparatively quick process.

We are happy to provide this time efficient technology, and look forward to hearing from you.

If you’re interested in using our composite repair to save on your work hours…

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