VIDEO: Composite Repair | How long will it last?


Customized durability and duration is the first great aspect of Innovator’s composite repair service. We love it because it gives our clients the ability to decide exactly how long they want their repair to last.

Sometimes you’ll want a temporary solution, and sometimes you’ll want a repair that will still be rock solid after a decade.

Whether you’re looking to make it to your next turnaround, or are interested in a permanent fix, we’ve got you covered both ways.

Rather than a standard out-of-the-box solution, Innovator’s composite repair technology lets you have complete control over the repair and how your piping is treated.

External corrosion rates and internal corrosion rates are just a couple of the things we will look at, and the analysis of these aspects will let us work together to determine what suits your needs the best.

The duration you’re seeking from the repair will affect the determined solution in terms of surface preparation, what materials are used, and how much material is used.

This way, you’re only ever paying for exactly what you need, based on the durability you’re looking for.

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