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Innovator's Value Optimizer Method™

Innovator’s six steps to optimizing project execution with a transparent, collaborative process that drives safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.

What Is The Value Optimizer Method™?

It is Innovator’s six step proven process. Find a fit, collaborate, optimize, share, perform, and transform. When we do these six things together, we have a proven process that optimizes execution with transparency and it creates improvements in safety and productivity along with cost effectiveness. We call it the Value Optimizer Method™.

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Find a fit is the beginning of every conversation. How it starts off is by really uncovering what our clients want and it’s also about uncovering what the results are that you’re looking for. We’ve been given a ton of power to look at every product and every service you could ever possibly imagine, but it creates a bit of a cognitive bias for all of us. As many clients call and they’re on third base in the game of baseball. They’re ready to run home and call us knowing what they want. Collaboration is so important to give you the best fit. What we want to do is move the conversation to be a little deeper, and try to uncover what is needed to get the result not just what you want, because sometimes you don’t know everything about the particular service line or what is now available. We want to uncover everything that will work best for your particular situation.

We love to collaborate. We’re always going to use our collaborative approach and we’re going to work with collaborative clients in a way that is going to make sure that after we found the right fit for every clients individual project. Our collaborate phase is to eliminate as much of that uncertainty as possible, and bring the project into clarity and more certainty. Getting clarity on expectations between different stakeholders can be a challenge to getting great results and the speed of information sharing can be a problem. We want to have a deeper conversation to get into specific, defined goals, and move past the aspirational and subjective platitudes that are often what happens when you don’t collaborate and define everything that matters in each project.

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In the optimize phase, no matter the job, we’re always planning and are always proactive, ensuring we are never in react mode. What we are trying to do inside of optimize is spotting and planning all of the critical path activities in the project as it relates to our work and how it’s going to interact with everybody in your facility. We are always seeking the best value to increase productivity and cost-effectiveness in every job. We’re mapping people’s competency skills to all tasks, and we’re proactively thinking about found work contingencies. We’re thinking about all of the assets we’re going to bring to the project, with the schedule in mind, and bagging and tagging and assigning equipment, to all of the various places where it’s going to be utilized. We want for every project we do with you to be done as optimally as possible.

The next step in our process is called share. What’s the good of a plan if no one has it, if no one sees it, if no one uses it. So in share, we are sharing the job plan, both written and digital with everyone, all of your stakeholders, all of our stakeholders the entire plan. We value transparency. In share we explain the measurables and their importance to everyone. Highlight the specifics by stakeholder to ensure all players know the why and the how to deliver. A project is made successful by a team. Through the share process, we’re also wanting to spot gaps, remove any assumptions and make any adjustments before we go to execute. We want to be able to any adjustments and start the project off with everyone in full alignment and the share step is the perfect way to do it every time.

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Perform is about more than just about completing the project. It’s about communicating. It’s about collaborating. It’s about having total transparency throughout the performance phase to address both progress and change. With a well built plan, and our systems, we can accommodate plenty of change. Sometimes a project, particularly a turnaround might have 30, 40 or 50 percent change as it relates to our kinds of work. We need to be adaptable, we need to be able to innovate. So it’s about working the plan and having the freedom and the flexibility to make changes. We’re providing deep safety insight, productivity trends, task progress, cost reporting with feedback and coaching to course correct quickly, to stay on plan. The deeper insight into all of our systems is what gives us supervision and every stakeholder actionable insight and cultural insight so that the work can be adaptive based.

Transform is all about finishing off a project by making the next project better with a simple streamlined system to do just that. What we call transform. Transform is the method that we go through to not just go through a lessons learned exercise, but actually engaging with each and every one of our clients stakeholders individually and together to get unique insights from their perspective. It starts as soon as the project is over. We’re going to do a net promoter score survey with each stakeholder asking you specifically to measure us based on the outcomes and the things that you told us matter most. Our transform process is about making sure that we both get better together, and that we grow and we have a better relationship. So the next project and the next project is safer, more cost effective and more productive each and every time.

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